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Srixon Z545 Irons

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Distance-oriented for All Ability players, Srixon Z 545 irons combine hot flight and incredible feel in a slightly larger, more forgiving cavity-back profile.


In the Srixon Z Series, the iron and utility club heads are forged from the highest quality, softest 1020 carbon steel. With a lower carbon content compared to many key competitors, Z iron and utility heads are high-strength while also exceptionally responsive and smooth at impact.


To enhance turf interaction and trajectory control, Srixon Z 545 irons feature the newly developed Tour V.T. Sole. By increasing leading bounce and decreasing trailing bounce, a V is created in the sole profile that has been proven to help tighten shot dispersion. Our tour professionals have raved about the crisp, consistent feel through impact the Tour V.T. Sole provides.


This process places two different laser milling patterns on the club face, one parallel to the grooves and another slightly angled. The result is more stable spin performance and more confident distance control from every lie. Tests have proven that iron faces with this unique pattern have closer distance gaps for shots hit in wet and dry conditions than
those without it.


Ball speeds have been maximized with advanced face constructions. The Z 545
irons have distance-enhancing SUP10 steel faces and soft, ultra-premium 1020 carbon steel bodies for smooth feel.